Chiropractics During Pregnancy!


Are you pregnant or planning on having a child soon? If so,make sure you visit your chiropractor!

When pregnant, a woman’s body goes through sooo many changes as it nurtures the new life growing within the womb. As the baby grows, the pelvis tilts anteriorly causing the muscles in the lower back to shorten and tighten, the hamstrings and gluteal muscles to stretch and weaken developing a deeper curve in the cervical and lumbar region; all of which results in more stress on the lower back and neck. Hello back and neck pain! Pain of this kind should be the last thing on a woman’s mind while pregnant!

Moreover, a woman’s body undergoes hormonal fluctuations causing ligaments to loosen. Loose ligaments leave the joints less stable. The sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis become the most vulnerable. Chiropractic care assures these joints remain in the proper position.
Another benefit of chiropractic care is the Webster’s technique which helps to reduce torsion. Allowing the baby to move into the proper position so the mother can experience a less painful and safer delivery for the baby. The reduced pain alleviates stress and anxiety. Women report the benefits of chiropractic care to be easier and faster deliveries.

So visit your chiropractor to relieve pain and spend your time worrying about baby names and nursery colors

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Get Rest and Feel your Best!!


Have you been tossing and turning at night? Getting enough sleep is essential for feeling great and performing well through-out the day. Many know they need sleep but it continues to elude them. Here are some tips for getting the rest you need.
1. Do have a fixed bedtime! Going to bed at the same time each night will aid your body in adjusting and preparing for sleep.
2. Do go to bed before 10pm. Your body begins to secrete serotonin around 9:30pm, this is the best time to go to sleep each night.
3. Do cut out caffeine and stimulants from your diet after 12pm. Caffeine stays in your system for 12 hours after consumption.
4. Do have a nightly down time activity before bed. Read a book, write or meditate. Ease your body into sleep instead of staring at the ceiling worrying about getting more sleep.
5. Do begin Chiropractic Care. If your neck or spine is out of alignment you will experience pain and discomfort while trying to sleep.
1. Don’t have a T.V. in your bedroom. Falling asleep with sound or light in your room will keep you from getting enough sleep.
2. Don’t exercise 2 hours before bed. This boosts your adrenaline so your body will not be able to rest.
3. Don’t eat late and Don’t eat too much for dinner. A full stomach will keep your body from resting!
4. Don’t take a nap in the afternoon. If you really feel you need a nap shorten it to 20-30 mins.
5. Don’t miss you next Chiropractic care adjustment! Cranial bones that are not moving properly will affect sleep centers in the brain this will keep your body from entering into a deep sleep!

Try out a couple of these tips and see how they help! If you are still struggling to feel rested you may be due for an adjustment. For this or more information on sleeping and chiropractic care, give us a call at our office (615)-515-5445!

Avoid the Retirement Home With Chiropractic Care

elderly scuba diving

Chiropractic care can help you and your parents to avoid the need for a nursing home! Dr. Iam Coulter from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College compiled evidence that indicates some of the benefits of chiropractic care for the middle aged and the elderly.

1. 66% of non-chiropractic patients developed arthritis whereas only 44% of chiropractic patients reported having arthritis
2. Chiropractic patients were able to participate in more strenuous activity later in life
3. Years after Iam’s research was conducted, 48% of non-chiropractic patients were documented as needing to be hospitalized for a serious illness whereas only 26% of those that received chiropractic care were hospitalized

Chiropractic treatment is safe and effective! Chiropractic care can aid you and your family in living a longer more mobile life without dependence on nursing homes and medication.


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5 Ways to Snack Smart!


Let’s face it, we are busy people! From morning to night we are on the go and it can be difficult when we are feeling the hunger pains to grab a quick healthy snack. That’s when we find ourselves at the Wendy’s drive through! Tragic but true. These are some quick and tasty things we can grab on the go!

• Smoothie: mix in your favorite fruit, spinach( if this is not your thing you will not be able to taste It!), flaxseed and coconut yogurt
o Coco yogurt is a great dairy substitute!
• Carrot sticks dipped in guacamole
• Apples dipped in almond butter
• Freeze a banana dipped in dark chocolate for a cold snack
• Coconut yogurt topped with crushed nuts and berries

Chiropractics Activates Neurons Against Autism!

The diagnosis of autism has rapidly become more prevalent in the last decade! It is currently unclear whether the increase is due to heightened awareness or an actual increase in the development of the disease. Either way the children suffering from Autism and subsequent seizures that result must be treated in the least invasive way possible with chiropractic care! Can chiropractics treat autism?

Yes! Not only can chiropractic care treat autism, but it can also aide in relieving the development of epilepsy that is often related. Evidence has shown chiropractic can aide in the reversal of the constriction of proper blood and nerve flow to and from the brain via detection and correction of subluxations. Additionally, an imbalance of nerve flow to the various regions (sympathetic and parasympathetic) in the brain is a prime component in the hibernation of the neurological function of the brain. With a chiropractic adjustment the nerve flow is restored to the proper regions of the brain. An adjustment activates the hibernating neurons by restoring the proper function of the nervous system. In other words, when a chiropractor adjusts a child’s spine and returns it to the proper alignment, normal signals are allowed to flow to, from and through-out the brain. This can reverse higher-center ischemia and restore the brain-body balance in autistic patients suffering from epilepsy!

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Preventative Care Saves Money!


Photo courtesy of Tax Credits on Flickr

When you think of health care do you think medication and surgery? These are very important tools to treat sickness but what if we could avoid such tools with the use of preventive care? With proper nutrition and chiropractic care such extreme measures could be avoided!

A 4 year claims data analysis compared 700,000 people with chiropractic care benefits to those with out by the Department of Health Services, UCLA School of Public Health, LA, California. The outcome of their analysis concluded that those with access to chiropractic care may experience reduced spending overall for health care!

The reasoning:
1) The health benefits of substituting chiropractic care for traditional medical care
2) More conservative and less invasive care
3) Chiropractic care is lower in cost than medical care

Access to managed chiropractic care not only may prove to be clinically beneficial but also may reduce overall health care costs! So when considering health care benefits and you budget remember that the investment you make in your health now will save you money and pain in the future!

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Chiropractic Care and Heart Health


Can Chiropractic care aid in the prevention of heart disease?! The number one leading cause of death in America is heart disease which claims an average of 574,689 lives per year. Current research supports that a healthy spine helps to prevent heart attacks, lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate and supports the cardiovascular system!

How can chiropractic care aid in developing a healthy heart? The Palmer Chiropractic College released research that observed the effects of chiropractic treatment on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system related to heart rate variability. They found that regular chiropractic adjustments do reduce pain and lower patient’s mean heart rate.

The Journal of Manipulation and Physiological Therapeutics reported the results of a study on the systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels and anxiety levels of a patient before and after regular chiropractic care. They found that developing a healthy spine with consistent adjustments lead to a distinct drop in blood pressure and anxiety levels. Chiropractic care doesn’t just make a healthy spine but a healthy heart as well!

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Soak up the Sun!

The weather is supposed to be bright and beautiful encouraging you and your family into the outdoors! Do you have plans to enjoy the warmth and sunlight? Why not!? It’s time to plan some fun activities and get outside! Not to mention visit us at the clinic for some chiropractic care to keep those activities pain free!

You, like many other Americans, may have developed “solar-phobia” says Dr. Robert S. Stern, chair of the Department of Dermatology at Harvard. This is a result of the wave of information in the news about skin cancer. As a result, many suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency which could result in an increased chance for contracting a potentially dangerous illness. By responsibly increasing exposure to the sun and regular chiropractic care, you could decrease or even prevent your chances of contracting a number of life-changing illnesses. Research has shown that a Vitamin D deficiency could be at the root of: cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, asthma, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, hypo/hyper thyroid or multiple sclerosis! The list goes on!

Sunscreen blocks the same UVB rays that trigger the chemical and metabolic chain reaction that produces the Vitamin D our bodies need. So find that healthy balance, soak up the sun this spring, and get your Vitamin D factory going! Then come see us next week for the chiropractic care that will aid in eliminating nerve interference and promote the development of a properly functioning immune system.

Sunlight combined with chiropractic care can prepare your family for a healthy and happy summer!

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Chiropractics and Nutrition Replaces Allergy Medication

     SPRING IS IN THE AIR! Literally, the flowers are releasing pollens in the air and although they are beautiful they can make you feel horrible! The traditional remedy has been to grab an over-the-counter antihistamine, decongestant or steroid cream but these drugs can be avoided with chiropractic care and nutrition.
Allergy medications could cause some side-effects that may not be worth the relief of taking them.

  1. Research suggests that antihistamines will cause drowsiness that leads to a lower libido, anxiety, depression and impairment of thinking.
  2. These drugs should also be avoided by those that are attempting to lose weight because they can alter one’s taste and smell as well as increase one’s appetite.
  3. Steroid creams can lead to a decrease in a child’s growth-rate as well as the development of osteoporosis and diabetes.
  4. Finally, decongestants dry out the mucous membranes which can lead to infertility for woman.                                                       

           All of these side effects can be avoided by using chiropractic care.

          Allergies occur when the immune system over reacts to an allergen and produces to many histamines to neutralize the foreign chemicals in their body. Subluxations of the spine create nerve interference that cause stress on your nervous system. Releasing the stress on your nervous system will allow it to more effectively neutralize allergy-causing chemicals without the help of medications. Chiropractic care can eliminate the nerve interference in your spine! If you Marry chiropractic care with allergy fighting herbs and nutrition, you can kiss over-the -counter drugs good bye!

        Come to our Natural Remedies class on March 13th at 12:30 A.M. or 5:30 P.M. to learn more about which herds and foods can equip your family to have their best spring yet!

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Food Fights the Flu!

In light of numerous reports linking auto- immune disorders to flu vaccinations, more people are looking for alternatives to the flu vaccine in an effort to avoid its potentially adverse effects. Current research reveals that patients who consistently take vitamin’s and maintain proper nutritional intake, are less likely to get the flu, and those who catch the flu suffer a shorter duration of symptoms.

Some key vitamins to be sure to take on a daily bases:

Epigallocatechin Gallate (ECGC) is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-tumor.
Found naturally in Green Tea
Vitamin C boosts your immune system.
Found naturally in citrus fruits, berries, red peppers, tomatoes, kale and broccoli.
NAC or N-Acetyl cysteine lowers the rates of viral infections and protects proper kidney function.
Found naturally in meat, fish, poultry, eggs and garlic.
Zinc eases sore throats and shortens the duration of symptoms
Found naturally in pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, garlic and sesame seeds.
Probiotics decreases the illness duration by 32%.
Found naturally in sauerkraut, dark choc., miso soup, Kombucha Tea and pickles.
Beta-carotene and vitamin A increases infection fighting cells and neutralizes free radicals.
Found naturally in carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, spinach and cantaloupe.
Vitamin E aids the body in producing B-lymphocytes which makes antibiotics to fight viruses.
Found naturally in sunflower seeds, paprika, almonds, pine nuts, dried herbs (Basil . Oregano), dried apricots, cooked spinach, and cooked taro root.

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