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Suffering from headaches current research suggests…….

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Millions of people are currently suffering from headaches without any relief or hope in sight. The majority of headaches are categorized as migraine, allergy, and cervicogenic. New research suggests that a growing number of headaches are due to cervicogenic more so than migraine. So what is cervicogenic you ask?? Cervicogenic headaches are caused by lack of curvature in the cervical spine. A normal cervical curve is 34-43 degrees according to CBP practicioners. Most people spend their lives in forward head posture causing increased biomechanical stress to the neck. The average population may have as little as 10-19 degrees of curve in their neck due to lifestyle. Ive even seen a 9 yr old with a reversed curve of -9 degrees. What does this mean?? Decreased curve in the neck can cause tension on the spinal cord and related vascular vessels leading to headaches. So how do you fix it? Easy 3 simple steps to a better healthier cervical curve in the neck and decreased headaches. Number one is Chiropractic. We are trained in CBP to analyze with xrays the curve of the neck to determine if there’s a link between loss of curve and cervicogenic headaches. Chiropractic can free up subluxations (misalignments of the spine) and help restore the normal curve therby decreasing the suffering caused by headaches. Second is traction. Traction can help increase curvature of the spine by taking the curve in the right direction. Lastly is lifestyle. We help you with the analysis of your activities of daily living to asses if your daily habits are in fact contributing to the cause. For more info call us at 6157712700 or find us on facebook kydkyro and like us and you can receive our latest links and articles

secrets to preventing and treating ear infections

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Many children suffer from ear infections prior to the age of 7.  The majority of ear infections in children occur between the ages of 6 to 18 months.  I see a lot of this in my practice  and get asked frequently what is the cause of chronic ear infections and what are the secrets to preventing and treating ear infections.  One of the major causes of ear infections in infants is that their ear canal is angled horizontal as opposed to an adult which is angled anterior and inferior (downward angle), so when the child sleeps any drainage in the ear doesn’t drain down like it does in an adult it just stays in the ear canal without proper drainage.  Also certain vaccinations and dietary choices may contribute strongly to the occurence of ear infections.  The most common treatment is a course of antibiotics but the majority of the time they do not work because children become more resistant to them and not all antibiotics are aimed at treating the type of ear infection the child may have.  So what is the secret to preventing and treating ear infections?  Its simple, first get your child adjusted, studies show that regular adjustments to the upper cervical area can help with drainage and with decreasing the re-occurence of ear infections.  Second, try a garlic solution by crushing fresh clove garlic dissolving it into olive oil and putting a few drops into the ear canal that is infected ( as long as the ear drum is not perforated).  This works quite well.  Also breast milk is highly effective because of the Igg’s and IGA’s, and colostrom found in breast milk is what boosts a child natural immune system.  Lastly, avoiding milk and dairy like products can help prevent and treat ear infections as well.  Most humans are lactose intolerant because we lack the enzyme lactase to digest it properly.  Dairy products can increase mucus production in the throat and ear canal leading to opportunistic infections.  For more information about this please visit us on facebook at or ask the dr, Dr. Jennifer Rousseau specializes in the care of pediatrics and pregnancy along with women’s health issues.  She has had much success in treating children for ear infections and numerous other disorders.

3 simple steps to alleviate back pain during pregnancy?

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

If you are one of the millions of women suffering from back pain during pregnancy, suffer no more, help is simply 3 steps away. Back pain acquired during pregnancy is most commonly due to increased abdominal size coupled with ligamentous stretching causing increased tension in the hips and low back. The body releases a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy to allow ligaments and muscles to stretch to make room for the baby. Most often women will experience sciatica pain and pain the the hips along with pain between the shoulder blades and sometimes even headaches and dizziness. Fortunately there are 3 easy steps to alleviate back pain during pregnancy, Are you ready? Number one is Chiropractic! Chiropractic used to treat back pain during pregnancy can alleviate sciatica pain by aligning the body’s hips, sacrum, and pelvis. We are highly trained and experienced at Kyd Kyro in treating back pain during pregnancy. In fact our practice is dedicated to treating pediatrics, pregnancy, and women’s health! We utilize a special technique called Webster, designed to treat back pain that women experience during pregnancy and also helps with decreasing malposition of the fetus. Number 2 is Massage! Massage can help alleviate tension in the tight ligaments and muscles due to excessive stretching which in turn is relaxing for both mom and baby. Most women stress greatly during their pregnancy and massage helps to decrease stress leading to healthier mom and baby. Our massage therapist is certified, trained, and experienced in prenatal massage and has helped many women to alleviate back pain experienced during pregnancy. Number 3 is Prenatal Yoga! Light exercise and yoga are wonderful during pregnancy. Many women become less active during pregnancy due to fatigue and pain. By doing yoga by a properly trained and certified prenatal yoga instructor, this can help decrease tension held in muscles and ligaments and also maintain proper breathing during labor and delivery. There it is; 3 simple methods to help alleviate back pain experienced by women during pregnancy! For further info please follow us on Facebook or on our blog on our website