Chiropractics During Pregnancy!

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Pregnant Woman Laughing

Are you pregnant or planning on having a child soon? If so, make sure you visit your chiropractor!

When pregnant, a woman’s body goes through so many changes as it nurtures the new life growing within the womb. As the baby grows, the pelvis tilts anteriorly causing the muscles in the lower back to shorten and tighten, the hamstrings and gluteal muscles to stretch and weaken developing a deeper curve in the cervical and lumbar region; all of which results in more stress on the lower back and neck. Hello, back and neck pain! Pain of this kind should be the last thing on a woman’s mind while pregnant!

Moreover, a woman’s body undergoes hormonal fluctuations causing ligaments to loosen. Loose ligaments leave the joints less stable. The sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis become the most vulnerable. Chiropractic care assures these joints remain in the proper position.
Another benefit of chiropractic care is the Webster’s technique which helps to reduce torsion. Allowing the baby to move into the proper position so the mother can experience a less painful and safer delivery for the baby. Reduced pain alleviates stress and anxiety. Women report the benefits of chiropractic care are easier and faster deliveries.

So visit your chiropractor to relieve pain and spend your time worrying about baby names and nursery colors.

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