Posture and Scoliosis

Why should I be concerned about my posture?

Our posture is essential to our overall health and wellness because it keeps us upright and dictates the health of our spine. The spine is the skeletal protector of our spinal cord. Our brain connects to each organ system and cell of the body by sending neural impulses via the spinal cord. Various stressors to our body such as gravity, sedentary lifestyles and technology can create postural distortions that disrupt these neural impulses of the nervous system. This disruption shows itself through symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, tingling in the limbs or even major organ system failures causing illness and disease.

We have implemented an advanced system of postural and structural regeneration that has helped many patients restore their spinal health and wellness to optimal functions. This corrective care program has also been very successful in helping to reduce and treat scoliosis. Using an extensive evaluation process of x-rays, orthopedic and neurological tests, allows us to determine if you have a spinal health condition that qualifies for one of our posture corrective care programs. Patients that qualify for the corrective care program receive individualized and specific chiropractic adjustments, traction therapy and neuromuscular exercise therapy to restore their posture. In turn, they regain energy and vitality and many times say they feel like they are getting younger.

If you feel that your posture is weak, please contact our office for a consultation and evaluation to see if you qualify for postural regeneration corrective care. Each treatment plan is tailored for individual needs, meaning it’s based on what YOUR body needs to LIVE healthy, pain, and disease free!