Cranial Adjusting

Dr. Rousseau learned cranial adjusting from Dr. Turner, who pioneered cranial adjusting for the chiropractic world. Cranial adjusting involves applying a very gentle pressure to the different bones of the cranium in order to re-align them to the proper place.

Various birthing traumas like forceps, vacuum extraction, or c-sections can cause overlapping or a jamming of these very precious cranial plates. Cranial malpositions can be quite painful for children. Imagine wearing a rubber band or tight hat around your head all day. It feels as if there is a great pressure on the head, and because children cannot communicate pain well the result is a screaming child that often has temper tantrums and behavioral problems. This “jamming” – or cranial subluxations – can cause neurological and behavioral problems and has even been linked to autism.

Patients suffering long term headaches have also found great relief from cranial adjusting as well. One of my most challenging patients was a two-year-old who could not last more than twenty minutes without having a fit. Her mother came to me frustrated, desperate for sleep, and in search of anything that could help her child. When I asked the mother about the birthing process, she said that they had used vacuum extraction three times and forceps twice!

When I examined the young child I found the worst cranial malpositions I had ever seen in practice. The day after her first visit, her mother came in to tell me that her little girl had slept more in the previous night than she ever had. Over the course of the next two weeks, she went from throwing fits every twenty minutes to being able to sit and focus on a book. The mother, overwhelmed with joy and crying because she was so amazed, thanked me for helping her child overcome her negative behavioral problems. Chiropractic is a truly amazing healing art.