Approximately four out of five children have headaches at some point, but most are benign and self-resolving. In fact, many adults who suffer from headaches report having their first headache in childhood. Early diagnosis and treatment are important in identifying a serious underlying cause for your headache. In most cases, an in-depth history and physical examination can help determine if your symptoms are related to an easily treated problem or if it is more serious.

Headaches can range from dull and achy to severe and sharp head pain. There can be many causes of headaches – stress, fear, seasonal allergies, cervical subluxations from birth or childhood, tumors, and ocular issues can all cause headaches in children. If headaches persist, it is important to get them checked immediately for further evaluation – especially in children. Also, keeping a diary of headaches with information like time, temperature, frequency, location of the headache (the front, back, or side of the head), how long do they last, and whether the child shows nausea or vomiting should be noted and consulted with the doctor.