“My son Riley is 11 years old. Throughout his childhood he has suffered with asthmatic like symptoms to seasonal allergies. We have tried numerous over the counter and prescription drugs. I was concerned about Riley taking these drugs all the time. I was sharing my concerns with Dr. Rousseau and she suggested that I try adjustments. After just one adjustment Riley’s bark-like cough and wheezing decreased greatly. He now gets an adustment about twice a month and no longer suffers from seasonal allergies. Dr. Rousseau works well with Riley. She helps him relax because he knows that she cares about him and wants to be sure he is as healthy as he can be. I am thankful the adjustments work so well for Riley and that we met Dr. Rousseau. I would/do recommend chiropractic procedures and Dr. Rousseau to all my friends and family.”

Michelle Davis
Riley’s mom

“Dr. Jennifer Rousseau is an excellent Chiropractor! If you are anything like me I was skeptical of chiropractic treatment at first. After simply bumping my head on top of my truck while putting my son in his car seat I heard my neck crack like when you crack your knuckles. I suddenly could not move my neck to the right or left. I did go to a chiropractor that worked closer to my home before seeing Dr. Rousseau. Unfortunately he gave me the “wham bam thank you mam” treatment and I was in more pain after leaving then when I arrived. After no relief after a couple of weeks and not wanting to take prescription medication for the pain due to work and taking care of kids I tried chiropractic treatment one more time.

I was blessed to find Dr. Rousseau who was very patient and listened to my skepticism and made me feel very comfortable to talk to her about my issues. She took the time to make a thorough evaluation including X-rays and explained to me what she thought the best treatment would be. She wanted to make sure I understood her treatment plan and was in agreement before performing the treatment. She has helped me considerably and I have been without pain after the 2nd or third visit I had. I still continue to see her routinely to keep my good health and well being. She has given great advice and techniques you can do at home and in the office to help me. It is great to have a physician who listens to your concerns and you can feel confident in her treatment plans. I would recommend Dr. Rousseau to anyone.”

Kristy Killebrew
Office manager

“When I first saw Dr. Jennifer Rousseau I was at the end of my third trimester of pregnancy and had intense low back pain in my hips and low back. My daughter Audrey was in breech position and I had tried many techniques to relieve my pain but nothing worked. I did not want to take any medications during pregnancy so my midwives suggested that I try chiropractic. I had never been before and was skeptical at first but, everyone was professional and Dr. Rousseau assured me it would neither hurt me or my child.

After my first adjustment, my back pain was relieved instantly and after the alignment of my hips, sacrum, and low back the baby was able to drop into the proper position for delivery. Two days later I gave birth naturally. Because Dr. Rousseau utilized the Webster technique and aligned my sacrum and pelvis, not only was the baby able to un-breech and drop into proper position for delivery, I was able to go through most of my labor in the comfort of my own home. My daughter Audrey was born in 12 minutes from the time we reached the hospital. Dr. Rousseau continues to treat my daughter Audrey and she is now 6 months old. She is very gentle with her and my daughter is very healthy. I continue to see Dr. Rousseau to maintain my spinal health and wellness. Dr. Rousseau is the best chiropractor in Franklin TN.”

Jen Green

“Dr. Rousseau treats both of my children. My son is 5 and suffered from mild scoliosis as well as other back problems. She puts him at ease, and has greatly improved not only his quality of life, but his future physical potential. She also treats me for general back health issues.

My daughter was an extremely fussy baby, always throwing long tantrums from the time she was little for no understandable reason. She was basically mean, did not like anyone but myself, and would never sit still or play with a toy for more than a few minutes. She was difficult in every meaning of the word and very hard to entertain. We couldn’t go out in public for very long without her having a meltdown; she was completely controlling our lives. I was desperate for any kind of help, and took her to her pediatric doctor begging for some kind of behavioral intervention referral. I was told some babies are just difficult and to get out of the house more to get a break from her.

After Dr. Rousseau began treating my son, I told her about my daughter and she suggested she look at her. My daughter was 10 months old at the time. She had no physical problems that could explain her difficult temperament. I was rather skeptical of chiropractic treatments for behavioral issues, but was desperate enough to try anything. Dr. Rousseau looked at her skull, and informed me that my daughter’s plates in her head were overlapping, causing her attention and behavioral issues, as well as giving her a constant headache. Within the first day of the first treatment I started noticing a difference; she was basically in a better mood in general. After the second treatment my husband (who was extremely skeptical), as well as our friends and her babysitter started asking what we had been doing differently. Dr. Rousseau has now only been treating her for 2 months, but her temperament has completely changed. She would never cuddle before or play with a toy for more than a few minutes. Now she will sit with me and cuddle or play for 40+ minutes, she is nicer to everyone, rarely throws tantrums, and is a very pleasant baby to be around. I am so grateful for Dr. Rousseau for not only addressing my son’s and my own physical needs, but also for saving my sanity by helping my daughter. “

Katherine Crysel