Suffering from headaches current research suggests…….

Millions of people are currently suffering from headaches without any relief or hope in sight. The majority of headaches are categorized as migraine, allergy, and cervicogenic. New research suggests that a growing number of headaches are due to cervicogenic more so than migraine.

So what is cervicogenic you ask?? Cervicogenic headaches are caused by a lack of curvature in the cervical spine. A normal cervical curve is 34-43 degrees according to CBP practitioners. Most people spend their lives in a forward head posture causing increased biomechanical stress to the neck. The average population may have as little as 10-19 degrees of curve in their neck due to lifestyle.

I’ve even seen a 9 yr old with a reversed curve of -9 degrees. What does this mean? A decreased curve in the neck can cause tension on the spinal cord and related vascular vessels leading to headaches. So how do you fix it?

Easy 3 simple steps to a better healthier cervical curve in the neck and decreased headaches. The number one fix is Chiropractic. We are trained in CBP to analyze, with Xrays, the curve of the neck to determine if there’s a link between loss of curve and cervicogenic headaches.

Chiropractic can free up subluxations (misalignments of the spine) and help restore the normal curve thereby decreasing the suffering caused by headaches.

The second is traction. Traction, along with adjustments can help increase the curvature of the spine by taking the curve in the right direction.

Lastly is a lifestyle adjustment. We help you with the analysis of your activities of daily living to asses if your daily habits are in fact contributing to the cause.

Dr. Jennifer Rousseau

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