Chiropractic and Eczema

Eczema is a form of atopic dermatitis that presents itself in the form of dry rough skin that is a red itchy rash.  Studies reveal that eczema affects approximately 25-35% percent of infants and children.  According to Dr. Sears regarding eczema  “It is the result of an inborn tendency toward dry skin and allergies.”

Chiropractic treatments can be highly effective in treating eczema.  When a child’s immune system has dysfunction or subluxation occurs, the body is more likely to exhibit diseases such as eczema.  Chiropractic care corrects subluxations of the spine allowing the body’s nervous system to function at its optimal level thus increasing the body’s natural immune system to fight diseases.

There are certain homeopathic remedies that can help such as applying non-irritating oil such as sweet almond or vitamin E to the child’s skin immediately following baths before the water evaporates from the skin.  Also, there are a number of lotions that can aide in relief such as Aquaphor or  Eucerin.  Bathing children in tepid water with Epsom salt or oatmeal baths can also help.

There also exist certain dietary foods that can increase the likely hood of childhood eczema.    Foods such as dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, whey proteins, can trigger eczema.  These foods can also pass through breast milk so beware to nursing mothers.  Following an alkaline diet and an elimination diet can certainly help to reveal/avoid any food allergens that may trigger eczema. These foods can weaken the immune system leading to outbreaks to allergies and potentially eczema.  The use of probiotics (suited to infants and children) and omega oils can also help increase the immune system to protect against any eczema outbreaks.

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