Chiropractic helps colicky fussy baby…

Studies show that most infants suffer from colic (unexplained fussiness for an extended period of time usually 3 weeks) at some point after birth. Most of the time fussiness (colic) can be attributed to restlessness, inability to sleep, not eating or latching, gassiness, or even stress in the home environment. Colicky babies can become very stressful to the mother affecting the bonding experience between mother and baby and have even been linked to increasing or prolonging postpartum depression.

Although there is no known “cure” for colic since it is not clearly defined, chiropractic has shown to be the most effective treatment as much as 94 % Effective rate in reducing stress and colic found in infants. The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that “Spinal manipulation is effective in relieving infantile colic”. “In this study, the researchers randomly assigned infants diagnosed with colic into two groups. One group received chiropractic care for two weeks and the other group was given the anti-gas medication dimethicone for two weeks. The babies in the chiropractic group showed a 67% decrease in crying while the babies on medication showed a 38% decrease in crying”.

One of the most common concerns/questions we get from parents is “is it like adjusting an adult with the manual cervical adjustment with the head rotation and loud pop?” The answer is NO, absolutely NOT!! The technique we use for infants and kids is very different than adults. With pediatric chiropractic, we use a very light holding technique or activator instrument that is very safe and gentle and does not harm or cause any discomfort in the infant at all.

We have had a great success rate treating colicky infants with chiropractic. Most parents report that after the adjustment, infants are calmer and sleep for longer periods of time. They also report that they noticed less gas and regular bowel movements along with much less CRYING. For a mother of infants (such as myself), happy babies make happy mothers which leads to a better bonding experience between mommies and babies. Also, when babies sleep mommy sleeps, so if your infant is suffering from colic get them adjusted and get some sleep!

If your infant is suffering from colic call us we would love to help!

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