Chiropractics and Nutrition Replaces Allergy Medication

SPRING IS IN THE AIR! Literally, the flowers are releasing pollen into the air and although they are beautiful they can make you feel horrible! The traditional remedy has been to grab an over-the-counter antihistamine, decongestant or steroid cream but these drugs can be avoided with chiropractic care and nutrition.
Allergy medications could cause some side-effects that may not be worth the relief of taking them.

  1. Research suggests that antihistamines will cause drowsiness that leads to a lower libido, anxiety, depression, and impairment of thinking.
  2. These drugs should also be avoided by those that are attempting to lose weight because they can alter one’s taste and smell as well as increase one’s appetite.
  3. Steroid creams can lead to a decrease in a child’s growth rate as well as the development of osteoporosis and diabetes.
  4. Finally, decongestants dry out the mucous membranes which can lead to infertility for women.                                                       

All of these side effects can be avoided by using chiropractic care.

Allergies occur when the immune system overreacts to an allergen and produces too many histamines to neutralize the foreign chemicals in their body. Subluxations of the spine create nerve interference that causes stress on your nervous system. Releasing the stress on your nervous system will allow it to more effectively neutralize allergy-causing chemicals without the help of medications. Chiropractic care can eliminate nerve interference in your spine! If you marry chiropractic care with allergy-fighting herbs and nutrition, you can kiss over-the-counter drugs goodbye!

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