Preventative Care Saves Money!

When you think of health care do you think medication and surgery? These are very important tools to treat sickness but what if we could avoid such tools with the use of preventive care? With proper nutrition and chiropractic care, such extreme measures could be avoided!

A 4 year claims data analysis compared 700,000 people with chiropractic care benefits to those without by the Department of Health Services, UCLA School of Public Health, LA, California. The outcome of their analysis concluded that those with access to chiropractic care may experience reduced spending overall for health care!

The reasoning:
1) The health benefits of substituting chiropractic care for traditional medical care
2) More conservative and less invasive care
3) Chiropractic care is lower in cost than medical care

Access to managed chiropractic care not only may prove to be clinically beneficial but also may reduce overall health care costs! So when considering health care benefits and your budget remember that the investment you make in your health now will save you money and pain in the future!

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